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Production Company in Israel


Biblical Productions are Israel’s number one film production company and as well as being experts on filming in Israel, we also work across our borders, in Jordan and Palestine.

If you need to film in Jordan as part of your production in Israel, Biblical Productions can support you throughout your production between the countries.

Filming in Jordan

We have years of experience working in Israel, Palestinian areas and Jordan. Israel and Jordan are very close and we often send film producers there to produce for international companies.

We know how to get your crew and equipment across borders with minimum delay. We are familiar with all the paperwork and bureaucracy at the border crossings and can help you transport heavy equipment by van or plane.

For our production with Brazilian mega channel  Globo TV, we organized trucks to transport lighting equipment from Israel to Jordan, ensuring there were no hold-ups at the border and no delays to their filming in Jordan.

Filming in the Middle East

If your crew is making a Middle East tour for your production, Biblical Productions are well-placed to help you; having experience, contacts and local knowledge of all locations.

We are experts at understanding the best way to move heavy and fragile equipment, as well as being familiar with the permits and customs paperwork necessary for you to cross borders. We also know how to operate the VIP crossing.

Filming in Israel

If you are arriving in Israel after completing your film in Jordan we can meet you at either border, help you with customs agents and transport you to your hotel.

About Biblical Productions

Biblical Productions is a leading company in the field of production services in Israel. We cover all areas of film and television production, including, feature films, documentaries, commercials, Christian films and music videos.

Biblical Productions guides you during your shoot in Israel, Jordan or Palestine  – from the pre-production planning to the post-production wrap. We arrange professional crews, fixers, permits, equipment rental, interviews, location scouting and more.

Biblical Productions also boasts a large collection of high-quality archival footage, making it a one-stop shop for all your production services in Israel. Please view our client Letters

‘Biblical Productions: The number one choice for production services in Israel.’