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With a long list of highly qualified candidates to choose from, Biblical Productions can help you find just the right cameraman, soundman, lighting technician, editor, and/or director to add to your Film Crew in Israel. Even a production assistant or two.

The selection of the members of a Film Crew in Israel is serious business involving a careful evaluation of the person’s availability and personal requirements, such as the location of his or her home and distance from the filming or editing.

Also, the candidate’s availability to work on certain days, and other personal conditions must be known. But even if these factors are acceptable, the candidate’s ability to carry out a particular assignment and at a particular fee must be taken into account when considering any candidate for your Film Crew in Israel.

Because of our many years as professionals in Film Production in Israel Biblical Productions is able to provide the kind of professional guidance in this sensitive selection process that a producer needs. It is not an exaggeration to state that more than anything else, the success of any Film Production depends on its film crew.

Let Biblical Productions help you in the selection of the members of your next Film Crew in Israel.