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Modern Israel has more than its share of regulations that affect Film Production in Israel.

Below are a few of the situations that require an official film permit or letter from the security services:

  • Closing off a road for filming.
  • Filming on an army or air force base.
  • Filming at an airport.
  • Filming in a train station.
  • Filming in a school.
  • Filming in a hospital or health clinic.
  • Transport Film Equipment and film crews in the Palestinian Authority.
  • Filming in a courthouse.
  • Filming a member of the government.
  • Filming an army check post.
  • Filming in a church.
  • Filming a member of the military.
  • Filming in certain neighborhoods.
  • Use of loudspeaker.
  • Use of strong lamps outside.
  • Regulation for dress in certain neighborhoods.
  • Filming in a police station.

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