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Production Company in Israel


Jerusalem is one of the most beautiful cities on earth.

One of my areas of expertise is walking around this amazing city and finding interesting film locations for international films and television shows.

Today I visited one of my favorite roofs in Jerusalem. It is situated on top of a private house on the Mount of Olives in a hidden place. This house also has an enchanting balcony which is perfect for filming footage overlooking the establishing shot of Jerusalem. It is also an interesting place to shoot a small audience watching a performer.

Filming in the Holy Land - My Journey

Above the house, there is a roof overlooking the Dome of the Rock, the Temple Mount, the Golden Gate and the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem. This is a perfect location to film a talent, conduct an interview, shoot great footage or fly a drone. I took some pictures of the view. We do location scouting in Jerusalem with our clients and we can also send pictures of locations. I am always happy to take you with me on my journey to Jerusalem.

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