Working with Morgan Freeman – production services in Israel

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Working with Morgan freeman – production services in Israel

In January 2018, we received a call from a production company from LA. They wanted to discuss a show that will be filmed in Israel in a few months and they received a very good recommendation about us. We learned it was the production company of the legendary actor Morgan Freeman. As a long-time admirer of Morgan Freeman, this opportunity was the best news.

In the next few months, we worked with the top-notch researchers of the amazing show the “Story of God” for their production in Israel. We scouted many locations in Israel for the show and were busy preparing the production and solving the security challenges of working with a celebrity brings.

Then the big day came.

The circus arrived in Tel Aviv. It was a world-class crew who landed in Israel with the legend himself. The first day of the filming in Israel set the tone for all the days. At 08:00 he came to the set. Morgan Freeman loves to be on time. He is never late. When you meet him you understand why he is one of the biggest stars ever. He is the kindest actor, always being polite to everyone and very close with his crew. His charisma and talent are beyond words.

The production was filmed in Israel last November. We are very thankful the production company chose to work with Biblical Productions. The show is broadcast on National Geographic.