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Filming the underwater archeological park at the Caesarea Harbor


Israel is a small country with a diverse terrain. It is famous for its biblical ancestry and as a historical location.

However, don’t be too quick to pigeonhole Israel as a holiday location firmly rooted in the past. Israel has two sides and when filming travel shows in Israel you can surprise your viewers by showcasing some leisure pursuits and activities that they may not expect to find here.

Filming Travelogues in Israel

If you are filming a travel show in Israel the country can present you with a wide range of locations and a diverse variety of sporting and leisure activities. At Biblical Productions we can help you in two ways, we can either:

  • highlight the places of interest in a specific area or
  • highlight the best locations to film specific activities

Filming in the Golan Heights

When filming adventure holidays in Israel you can take a trip up north to the Golan Heights. Here there are abseiling opportunities, mountain treks, caving trips, kayaking, rappelling and more. Not only are there all sorts of daring activities that are not for the faint-hearted but these pursuits take place in one of the most beautiful parts of Israel.

Your film in Israel could include a hike or a jeep trek through the lush greenery and take in the awe-inspiring views of mountains, waterfalls, lakes and valleys.

The biggest surprise for many though, is Mount Hermon, Israel’s only snow-capped mountain that gives visitors a chance to enjoy more than 45 km of ski trails.

For those a little less adventurous, the Golan has some wonderful wineries, many of which offer tours. Filming wine tours in Israel would add another aspect to your production and take in the beauty of the vineyards. Many boutique wineries also use traditional wine-making methods or use ancient wine-storing techniques such as using oak casks to add flavor. The picturesque settings and historical connotations make wine tours in Israel an interesting feature in any Israel travel documentary.

Your travel film in Israel could also show how, at the end of an exhausting but exhilarating day, tourists can unwind and relax in a Golan spa, enjoy a therapeutic massage and perhaps sample some of that locally produced wine.

Whichever activities you choose to cover for your Israel travelogue, Biblical Productions can liaise with local providers, arrange filming permits, organize the transportation of equipment and support all your filming and production needs.

Filming Israel’s Southern Caves

Dotted throughout the country are some spectacular caves. The caves to the south are a popular place to visit and tourists can enjoy a scenic walk through the desert or take in the breathtaking views of a nature reserve before arriving at a range of mountain caves. Some are extremely spacious and can be easily explored, whereas others need to be crawled through or may contain crevices that can be abseiled down.

Many of these caves have a rich history behind them, perhaps serving as dessert hideaways or having been the location of archeological finds. Many caves have preserved the hallmarks of a multitude of ancient civilizations; Jews, Christians, Hellenes, Persians and Romans have all left behind artifacts and other archeological clues to their past.

Filming caves in Israel may require a film permit, specialist equipment or historical input. Biblical Productions can act as your fixer in Israel for all of these services; ensuring your travel show in Israel is produced to maximum effect with minimum fuss.

Filming Water Sports in Israel

Israel’s coastline provides many opportunities for tourists to either soak up the sun and relax on the sun-drenched, golden beaches or, in contrast, try their hands at paragliding, diving, snorkeling, water skiing and many other water sports.

Down in Eilat, there are spectacular snorkeling and diving opportunities under the Red Sea coast. When filming adventure sports in Israel you could include underwater shots, revealing the sights seen by snorkelers and divers, such as exotic fish of every color and the amazing coral reef.

Filming Culture in Israel

Israel is a vibrant country with much to offer ‘culture vultures’. Those seeking artistic outlets can find world-class theatre, dance, museums, galleries and comedy clubs.

Any evening out is enhanced by sampling some of Israel’s excellent restaurants, in particular the food representing the diverse cultures that are present within Israel. Try out Moroccan, Ethiopian, Russian, Arabic, Thai or traditional Jewish cuisine. We not only have knowledge of Israeli culture but also of the Ramallah nightlife. Why not use your travelogue as an opportunity to show a different side of life within the Palestinian Authority areas?

If you are looking for interesting day trips outside of the well-known tourist sites, then Biblical productions can take you to hidden markets, artists’ colonies, health spas, Druze and Bedouin villages, boutique wineries, yoga retreats and other places of interest that need local knowledge and know how to find.

Biblical Productions can give you tips on the most happening cultural and sporting events as well as the best eateries. With our local knowledge, we can take you to those places that may not be tourist hot spots but are much loved by Israelis. We can show you where to film Israeli cuisine at opulent, exclusive restaurants or small, renowned, family-run establishments.

Filming Travel and Adventure in Israel

Biblical Productions are experienced at making travel shows and have worked with Lonely Planet, Travel Channel and Globe Trekker among others.

Allow us to advise and guide you through your travel show. Our knowledge and experience cover both Israel and Palestinian Authority areas.

We can offer you ideas, expertise and local knowledge. Our input will ensure that your travel documentary in Israel captures the most interesting pursuits at prime filming locations in Israel.