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Filming in the Church of Nativity

Biblical Productions has great experience in bringing crews to Bethlehem and filming the Church of Nativity. We have a vast knowledge of filming at the Church of Nativity. We are familiar with all the denominations in the church and can obtain the necessary film permits for you.

In January 2010 we shot a commercial at this atmospheric site, which is a dream to film in. This prime filming location in Israel includes dramatic pillars, spectacular natural light that floods through the windows, and stonework that somehow captures its aura and antiquity.

We can use local producers and bring in Israeli crews to support your production in Israel. We can shoot footage throughout Bethlehem, at St. Joseph, St. Jerome, St. Catherine, Milk Grotto, Manger Square and other historic sites.

Filming Re-enactments

We can help you to re-enact the Christmas story; ensuring your production is authentic. Our ‘Fixer Israel’ service ensures that all the smaller details are covered; we can get you costumes, and crew as well as props that look weathered and old. We are familiar with Bethlehem and know the best places to take crews for lunch. Safety is paramount for us and we always take care to protect both staff and equipment during all stages of the shoot.

When filming in Bethlehem, Biblical Productions can help you to make the most of your trip. We can show you unique locations, advise you about equipment and help you to capture the most memorable shots.

Filming at the Church of Nativity

The Church of Nativity is one of the oldest remaining Christian churches in the world. It marks the traditional location of Jesus’ birth and is filled with an aura of reverence and awe. Filming the Church of Nativity is a natural choice for any Christian documentary or historical re-enactment.

The large nave is straddled by 44 imposing limestone columns, topped with ornate carvings. On each side of the nave are fragments of wall mosaics dating back to the 12th century.

Mosaics also feature on the floor, with one opening revealing a 4th-century Constantine mosaic, beautifully preserved and illustrated with elaborate geometric designs as well as birds, flowers and vines. Another mosaic from the same period has also been discovered but is only available on request.

What to Film at the Church of Nativity

There are many interesting features within the church; an octagonal baptismal font from the 6th century, several altars as well as bronze gates to the north and south entrances that originate from the 6th century Justinian church.

The Grotto of the Nativity is the main focal point in the church and a ‘must’ for any production on The Church of Nativity. It is accessed from a flight of steps that lead to a cave that is traditionally believed to have been Christ’s birthplace. On the spot He is thought to have been born, there is a silver star placed on the marble floor, above which hang 15 lamps.

The church is floodlit at night and you can capture some dramatic shots at the very end of your shoot.

Biblical Productions

Biblical Productions are your number-one choice for productions in Israel. We are familiar with all the holy and historical sites of Israel and have years of experience to bring to your production. When filming in Israel make sure you use our pre-production and production services. Our careful planning and constant support ensure you have a smooth production in Israel and arrive home with incredible footage.