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About the Jesus-Era House

Just days before Christmas 2009, archeologists discovered the remains of a residential building dating back to the time of Jesus.

The Israel Antiquities Authority announced that the newly discovered house, which dates back to the time of Jesus, includes the remains of a wall, a hideout and a cistern that appears to have collected water from the roof and supply it to the home. The hideout is located behind a camouflaged entry that may have been used by Jews to hide from Roman soldiers who were battling Jewish rebels at the time. The discovery was made during the digging up of a convent courtyard in Nazareth.

Filming Jesus Era House in Nazareth Known to Jesus?

According to the New Testament; Mary, Joseph and Jesus lived in Nazareth, which was a small hamlet of around 50 houses at that time. A spokesman for the Israel Antiquities Authority speculated that Jesus would have known the house, as he grew up in such a small community. This is the first time that a residential dwelling from this era has been discovered in Nazareth and the find has caused much excitement.

Filming in Nazareth

If you want to shoot in Nazareth, the childhood home of Jesus, Biblical Productions can take you to some great locations. Our local knowledge of film locations in Israel will help you to shoot at key sites, ensuring your production in Israel is second to none. Nazareth is a great place to film biblical re-enactments and we would recommend you capture some footage in Nazareth Village. The village has biblical animals and stone houses, as well as old trees and scenery that truly bring the Bible to life.

We can make sure that you get authentic costumes, tents and set dressings, ensuring your biblical production transports your viewers back in time. Whether you are filming; a documentary, re-enactment, feature film or travelogue, Biblical Productions have the knowledge and experience to help you capture the best footage.