Filming in the Dominus Flevit Church

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Biblical Footage


The Dominus Flevit Church on the Mount of Olives offers a spectacular view of Jerusalem.

You can get there from the Gethsemane Garden in East Jerusalem. On the first right, there is a steep road that leads to the top of the Mount of Olives. The second turn to the left leads to the Dominus Flevit Church and you enter the beautiful location through a green gate. Dominus Flevit, Latin for “The Lord Wept,” is a church owned by Franciscan priests. The church was built in 1955 in the shape of a tear because it is believed that at this spot Jesus cried over the future destruction of Jerusalem (Luke 19). The most cinematic part of the church is the famous window with a cross that overlooks the Dome of the Rock. Aside from the window, there is also a great panoramic view of the city from the garden.