Filming in Eilat

Category: Location Guide Israel


Eilat – the southernmost city in Israel functions as a port of entry for goods and as a vacationers’ oasis for Israelis and foreigners looking to sit back, soak in the rays, and relax.

Located on the coast of the Red Sea, Eilat’s geographic qualities make it a stunning sight and a wonderful place to film.

Eilat, surrounded by magnificent mountain ranges, has numerous grand hotels and attractions. There are beautiful coral reefs filled with colorful aquatic life in the Red Sea, drawing scuba divers to the city. Eilat is overall a water-oriented place that also has a Dolphin reef where visitors can swim with Dolphins. The weather in Eilat is hot and dry and it rains for around 3 days in the winter.

It is preferable to avoid the intense heat in the summer, but otherwise, Eilat is a good place to film, especially for productions involving underwater shots and marine life.