Filming in Beer Sheva Israel

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Beer Sheva, the capital of the Negev region – Israel, is a location directly connected to the story of Abraham as well as numerous other Bible stories.

Under a two-hour drive from Jerusalem, Abraham lived in Beer Sheva for many years due to an abundance of underground springs in the area. Just outside the city, you can find excavations of a biblical town at “Tel Beer Sheva.”

At the “Tel,” which means a mound containing the remains of settlement upon settlement, you can film an ancient well outside the city gate. This may be the same well referred to in the Book of Genesis, dug both by Abraham and Isaac. Inhabited on and off for centuries, the “Tel” contains antiquities dating back to the time of the Patriarchs, to the time of David and Solomon, and to Roman and Byzantine times.

Beer Sheva has been revived and it is a particularly good place to film recreations of biblical scenes.