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Tel Aviv – this urban beach town is without a doubt the modern hub of Israel.

Situated along the Mediterranean coast, Tel Aviv, with its warm climate, is home to many sidewalk cafes and shops. The city is a wonderful place to film, for those interested in cosmopolitan Israeli life. The streets are filled with students, young professionals, and people from all walks of life, and are lined with white Bauhaus-style apartment blocks, cultural institutions, and small business districts.

The city actually covers a fairly small area making it easy to walk from place to place but traffic is usually problematic in the heavily populated city. Like most modern cities, Tel Aviv, is home to disparate neighborhoods, each with its own character and charm. There are wealthy areas with exclusive shops and apartment buildings, there are trendy neighborhoods where students mingle at local bars and cafes, and there are also poorer neighborhoods that portray a different side of the city.

Hundreds of Israeli films have been shot and set in Tel Aviv, among them the recent Eytan Fox hit, The Bubble. In this film, Fox presents his version of the young hip professional scene in Tel Aviv, centered around the happening thoroughfare Shenkin Street. Overall, shooting in Tel Aviv allows for the expression of the contemporary Israeli way of life, characterized by standard urban practices mixed with a laissez-faire Mediterranean sensitivity.