Filming in the Galilee, Israel

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Filming the underwater archeological park at the Caesarea Harbor


Filming in Israel is an exciting undertaking for filmmakers around the world.

One region that specifically attracts film teams and visitors alike is Galilee. The Galilee is located in the north of Israel and offers an abundance of lush green hills and Israel’s largest body of water, the Sea of Galilee. It offers breathtaking views from the surrounding mountains, as well as a large number of historical and archaeological sites.

The Galilee is split into the Upper and Lower Galilee. The Upper Galilee has higher peaks, and Mount Meron is its highest point. This area can be used for the biblical scenery of the Genesis story, as it boasts idyllic forests, beautiful flora, rivers, and untouched natural environments. The Sea of Galilee, whose beauty lies in its stunning blue water and surrounding scenic hills, is another popular attraction and a terrific location for filming.

Documentary productions searching for locations from the days of Jesus and the first century AD can find a number of places here, which illuminate his life, teachings and the development of Christianity in the Holy Land. We recommend locations such as Korazim, Sepphoris, Cana Village and other Biblical Landscapes. For more information on locations around Israel, please click on our Location Guide Israel.

Biblical Productions always aims to offer its client the best, and we strive to take them to the best locations possible, away from the main roads and deep in the heart of Galilee. We have accumulated some location photos from previous location scouts in the area, and you will find stunning slopes with olive trees, mountain view tops, fields with sheep, and many more locations that could suit your latest documentary project in Israel.