Filming in Cana Village, Israel

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Cana, a small village in the North of Israel, is an excellent place to film and visit.

Its narrow roads and peaceful surroundings, add to the atmosphere of the village, which is significant in the Christian tradition. The famous story of Jesus’ first miracle takes place at a wedding in the Galilean village of Cana, thought to be near the modern-day Cana village (or Kfar Kana in Hebrew), not far from Nazareth.

According to the story in the New Testament, when Jesus learned that there was no more wine for the celebration he told the servants to fill the pitchers with water and when the drink was served the guests found that a miracle had turned the water into the finest wine. There is a painting on the walls of the Wedding Church that portrays the miracle that took place at Cana.

There are constant archeological excavations taking place in this area, and it is advisable to look into interesting nearby digs if you are filming in Cana.