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The winter and spring months are ideal for filming the stunning waterfalls Israel has to offer.

Mostly located in the Northern Golan Heights, Israel boasts several waterfalls ideal for particularly picturesque shots. One of the most well-known waterfalls in Israel is the Banias waterfall, just 10 meters high and extremely beautiful. Near the waterfall is the Banias cave, a pilgrimage site for Christians. According to Christian tradition, St. Peter confessed the divinity of Jesus to the people in the cave (Matthew 16: 13-20).

In the Nahal Ayoun Nature Reserve, there are four waterfalls including the Oven Fall, a 30-meter waterfall, and the Mill Fall, a 21-meter waterfall. These waterfalls only function in the winter and the spring because they are diverted for agriculture in the summer months.

Additionally, there is the Sa’ar Waterfall (which literally means stormy) and the Gamla waterfall, which at 51 meters, is the highest waterfall in Israel.

If you are looking for a waterfall closer to the center of the country, in the Ein Gedi National Park you can find the Nahal David waterfall.