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The most prominent image in Israel that encapsulates Judaism is the Western Wall.

The Western Wall, built by King Herod in 18 BCE, is a site of Jewish pilgrimage and prayer as it is a remnant from the wall that surrounded the second temple (the holiest place in Jewish tradition), destroyed in 70 CE by the Romans.

The Western Wall consists of 80 meters of exposed wall and an extension that is covered. The unexposed section was originally discovered by two British archaeologists in the mid-nineteenth century and today can be explored in the Western Wall Tunnels.

At any given time of the day, there are usually people praying in the open area beside the wall. Several times a year for special prayers on Jewish holidays, the plaza fills to full capacity, which is a hectic but powerful picture.

In general, the wall has a religious atmosphere, which is why it is a customary place to film Jewish imagery.