Filming in Bethesda St. Anne

Category: Location Guide Israel


If you enter the Old City of Jerusalem through the Lion’s Gate and walk a few meters, on the right you will notice a peaceful garden courtyard.

This area is called Bethesda St. Anne. Inside the complex, past the quaint garden, there is a large and solemn, church. Constructed in approximately 1130 in memory of St. Anne, Mary’s mother, this Crusader church is an example of Romanesque architecture. Over the years the church changed hands several times suffering damage and was last restored in the late 19th century.

The stone structure is striking due to its size and grand stature. Inside the church, the design is simple, with plain wooden benches and large open stone spaces. The interior of the church emphasizes shadows and lights and could be an interesting place to film religious scenes. In addition, the church has wonderful acoustics and is an ideal place to film religious signings.

Beyond the church, there is the Bethesda pool’s archeological excavation. The area displays find from five pools and several churches built on the site dating back over two thousand years.

It is believed that at this site Jesus healed a paralyzed man. This complex offers several interesting elements and is a location worth considering for Christian-themed productions.