Secrets of the Lost Ark (Science Channel)


2020 was a challenging year.

With the covid lockdown and the restrictions in the aftermath, so we were very excited that Like a Shot Entertainment gave us the trust to finish this production with an all-local crew since traveling for foreign nationals was not allowed.

We had an Israeli director for the walk-and-talk segments in the field and the interviews were done by the producers in the UK, who called in on Zoom, so they could interact with the experts.

Secrets of the Lost Ark takes the readers on a journey to reveal the secrets and mysteries surrounding the most famous religious artifact of all – the Ark of the Covenant. Could it have survived the passing centuries and if so – where is it today? It was filmed in Italy, South Africa, Jordan and of course, Israel, believed to be the traditional home of the Ark of the Covenant. The show is a real-life treasure hunt that follows a team of experts using the latest science and research in search of answers.

Our most professional remote production team is always an option for every task you need to accomplish in Israel.