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The visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the Holy land was a long-awaited event, which drew attention from media networks worldwide.

PBS, America’s public broadcasting station, sent presenter Kim Lawton and producer editor Patti Hanley to cover the Pope’s visit to the Holy Land and various side stories.

Biblical Productions provided the crew, transport, equipment and research for the filming that took the crew from Jerusalem to Bethlehem and into Deheishah Refugee Camp before exploring the old city of Jerusalem during the Pope’s stay in the Holy City.

The parents’ circle, which provides support to Palestinian and Israeli parents who have lost children in the conflict, was as much a topic as the visit of a delegation of international religious leaders to Israel to work towards interfaith understanding and coexistence.

Kim Lawton, PBS’s long-term presenter for Religion & Ethics Newsweekly, handled all situations and plenty of different interview partners with much skill and grace and Patti Hanley adeptly edited and cut together their weekly stories.

Biblical Productions is pleased to see that PBS has returned to Israel after working with them several years ago and we thoroughly enjoyed working with such a fantastic crew.