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Biblical Productions provided production services for Prometheus Entertainment who came to shoot interviews and historical/archaeological locations for their upcoming documentary “Secrets of the Bible.”

They came here to explore the mysteries and reveal the hidden facts about the most-read book in human history. But is it history – or myth? Who wrote it? How accurate is it to its original intention? Who was the real Jesus of Nazareth? What is the real meaning and purpose of the “Promised Land”? What is the secret of the Book of Revelation? How frightened should we be about the dire, apocalyptic predictions?

These are only a few of the questions they wanted to be answered, and together with stunning on-location photography, compelling reenactments and insightful interviews with scholars, archaeologists and religious leaders – this will be an interesting documentary to see.

We hired a local crew (DP, PA, Grip, Sound) who were guided by 2 Producers from Prometheus. Biblical Productions managed all local management of the production.