We welcome Kanakna for a third season!

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We were very excited to hear that there would be a third season of the Dutch reality show ” The Pilgrims Code”.

Even more because as usual, the Belgium television production company Kanakna Productions (part of the Zodiak Media Group) produced the series on behalf of the renowned Dutch television broadcaster EO, but this time the series will be broadcasted on prime time on a main TV Channel, Nederland 1.

They year, the 10 contestants followed the route of the Queen of Sheba, starting in Ethiopia to ending in Caesarea and Jerusalem. The journey follows the trail of ancient pilgrims’ routes and leads Dutch celebrities along these places. By deciphering clues in ancient maps and travel diaries, and by fulfilling pilgrims’ missions and challenges, the celebrities can unlock a part of the pilgrim’s code at each location. The winning contestant will donate the prize money to his or her self-chosen charity project.

Biblical Productions was entrusted with the production services in Israel and handled all the local planning. Once again, we are proud to be part of a series that has a visual feel of mystery, adventure and mysticism, combined with beautiful, historic places. The Dutch viewers will not be disappointed!

In spring 2013, The Pilgrims Code will be broadcasted in primetime on one of the leading channels in The Netherlands: Nederland 1.