Biblical Productions investigates the Jesus trial with NZ Producer Director Bryan Bruce


Many crews come to Israel to shoot documentaries about Jesus, his life and teachings, his trial, death and resurrection.

Bryan Bruce, veteran producer, director and TV host from New Zealand, came to do exactly that but surprised us with a new and challenging new angle to the Jesus trial.

Bryan is one of New Zealand’s most critically acclaimed TV documentary makers, who is currently producing and directing the country’s most popular crime show. His superb criminal instinct and techniques also led him to investigate Jesus’ trial in a new and riveting light. Biblical Productions provided first-class production services for this exciting project under the leadership and management of Sharon Schaveet, who also served as a field producer for most of the days and fixer Anika Pilnei worked as a field producer for the rest of the days.

Bryan Bruce worked with an all-Israeli technical crew led by acclaimed DP Noam Teich, who was supported by assistant cameraman Yuval Shimoni and soundman Shimshon Yanai. On Good Friday, the crew shot the famous Via Dolorosa Easter Procession with a second DP, another of Israel’s best documentary cinematographers, Amnon Ziliat.

Among the experts for the shoot were Shimon Gibson, Joe Zias and Gaby Barkay; the crew shot for several days in Jerusalem before traveling to the north and the Jordan River for more shooting locations connected with Jesus’ life and teachings. Overall, this shoot had excellent production value and everyone worked hard to achieve the best results.

The program is scheduled to air at the end of 2009 on Australian and New Zealand TV before coming to Europe.