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Biblical Productions were proud to be involved in an exciting and educational project about the kings of Judah.

The production is hoping for a worldwide DVD release and included presenter Jeff Griffin delivering lessons at a variety of significant and stunning locations. These included the Ophel Archaeological Park, City of David, Mount of Olives, Bet Guvrin, Tel Marsha, Ancient Valley of Beracah, Qumran and the Judean desert.

Using these dramatic locations as an ambient backdrop, Griffin spoke about the various kings of Judah; highlighting lessons pertinent to each location. He talked about servanthood at Bet Guvrin, prolonged hardship at Hezekiah’s Tunnel and so on.

The US and Israeli crew really gelled and there was a great team spirit during the filming of this fascinating documentary. We would like to thank Michael Weinstein, Jerry & Jennifer Croft, Elaine Arons, Jeffrey Griffin, Kim Haun, Andy Burns, Dave Griffin, and Bob Boyack for choosing to work with Biblical Productions and wish them great success with their project.