Biblical Productions Films Leopards in Israel for Animal Planet


Leopards are one of the world’s greatest predators and few people will know that in Israel one can still find approximately 5 individuals of the Middle Eastern Leopard species.

Beautiful, strong and intelligent as they are, this species is on the brink of extinction. The Israeli National Parks Authorities do their utmost to preserve the habitat for the remaining leopards and they deserve much credit for preserving Israel’s Negev and Judean deserts for wildlife.

Tigress Productions, a renowned production company from England that has been producing wildlife and adventure programs for Animal Planet and Discovery Channel for many years now set out to trace one of the most remarkable stories of a human encounter with a leopard. Director Ben Wallis and DP Joel Devlin filmed for several days in the Negev and the Judean desert. The shoot was organized and accompanied by fixer Anika Pilnei for Biblical Productions.

Interviews with leading wildlife experts and gorgeous desert scenery were as much part of the shoot as was the grand interview with Arthur du Mosch who just happened to find a leopard in his bedroom one night back in 2007, trying to catch the du Mosch’s family pet cat. A truly remarkable encounter that ended luckily for everyone involved, which has led to further efforts to ensure the species’ survival.

Tigress Productions dedicated an entire show on Leopards in Israel from its new series “Maneaters”, which has taken the UK crew to the world’s remotest spots to film its grand predators. The show will be airing on Animal Planet at the end of 2009.