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Mahoney Media Group returns to Israel to prepare the launch of The Exodus Conspiracy

In August 2008, U.S.-based Mahoney Media Group returned to Israel after having shot here the feature-length documentary The Exodus Conspiracy in 2007. Pete Windahl and Tim Mahoney came back to film some more locations and interviews with such high-profile experts as Gabriel Barkay, Ph.D., and Professor Jodi Magness. Their documentary deals with exodus-related archaeological finds and is set to launch in Israel around March 2009. They are planning a festive VIP premiere with some of the prominent figures that have taken part in the film, as well as a selection of filmmakers, media representatives and other guests. A number of unique events will surround the grand launch in 2009 which are to commemorate the Exodus as a historical event. International producer Sharon Schaveet managed this production again with expertise and professionalism, connecting the crew with high-ranking archaeological experts and PR contacts here in Israel.

Discovery Channel Shoots Biblical Mysteries Explained in Israel

In July, Biblical Productions welcomed a crew from the Discovery Channel in Israel. After having completed their shoot in Egypt, director Andy Papadopoulos and DP Chris Laine traveled via the Taba border crossing to Israel where international producer Sharon Schaveet took them on eight intense shooting days around the entire country. Their new series, Biblical Mysteries Explained, required shooting locations in the very north of Israel; Tabgha, Beit Shean, and Zipori, as well as at the southern tip of Israel, with beauty shots of the Red Sea and the Dead Sea, Qumran and of course, a few days of filming in magnificent Jerusalem. The crew then traveled to Jordan to shoot some more footage for their Sodom and Gomorrah episode. It was a wonderful and challenging production, tackling the coordination of a schedule that involved three countries, two border crossings and the transfer of equipment through customs. In the end, Biblical Productions could wrap up another successful shoot and needless to say, it was an absolute delight working with such a professional and experienced crew for their new exciting series.

Picture Show documentary team shoots Words on Fire in Israel

In the last week of June, international producer Sharon Schaveet worked with a highly talented and professional production group from Chicago, who came to film a documentary about the History of the Catholic Church and Catholicism in the Holy Land. NBC correspondent Mike Leonard joined DP John Cummings, director Matthew Leonard and production manager Nanette Noffsinger on their week-long documentary shoot in the Holy Land, further accompanied by their financial manager Nancy Ross. Father Robert Barron, the narrator and spiritual head of the group stunned the crew with his ability to do everything in just one take, with further support always at hand from his two assistants Diane Archibald and Denis McNamara.

The documentary will have the format of a ten-part series for which further filming is planned in Rome, Egypt and around the world. Biblical Productions coordinated the entire shoot and arranged all permits, took care of logistics and hired a local crew. The crew visited almost two dozen locations in 8 days, and Biblical Productions also managed to arrange yet another filming permit at the strictly secured Temple Mount area.

Although there is currently no release date available yet for the documentary, we are sure that this production is going to be a wonderful success, and the experience of working with such a stunning crew has been truly inspirational. If you would like to read what the crew has to say about their production in Israel, please click here. Special thanks to Nanette Noffsinger for putting this wonderful production together.

Illuminations Media returns to Israel to shoot Faith to Faith Documentary

Illuminations Media from the UK already filmed in Israel at the beginning of March; producer Linda Zuck now came to Israel at the end of June to shoot parts of their new Faith to Faith documentary in Galilee. The documentary is commissioned by the Co-exist Foundation in London and the Tanenbaum Organisation in New York; Executive Vice President Joyce Dubensky joined the film crew together with Heather DuBois for a series of interviews in the North. The crew filmed at the Kalanit School in Karmiel and at Al-Salam School in Majd el-Krum, where the two principals have set up an exemplary interfaith project between Israeli-Jewish and Israeli-Arabic children. The crew accompanied the children during their shared activities and interviewed teachers and educators on their thoughts about the project, their visions, and the problems they have been experiencing along the way.

Biblical Productions, owned by international producer Sharon Schaveet, managed the entire shoot with a minimal turnaround time before the actual production; arranging interviews, filming schedules, locations and hiring local crew; Anika Pilnei accompanied the shoot as a field producer for three days.

Filming Exhibition Video for Montserrat Monastery in Barcelona

A Spanish crew from Barcelona arrived in May to film biblical and historical sites for a video that will be exhibited at the famous Montserrat Monastery in Barcelona this summer. Revisiting the sites and landscapes of a Spanish monk who traveled through Israel at the beginning of the last century as a pilgrim, the crew filmed at spectacular sites such as Masada, Maktesh Ramon, Zinn Valley, the Mount of Beatitudes and of course the city of Jerusalem. Biblical Productions arranged and managed the entire shoot which visited more than a dozen locations in just a few days.

Hong Kong Feature Film Crew is Filming in Israel

After several months of intense preparation, Artwalker Ltd arrived from Hong Kong in Israel to shoot parts of their new feature film here in Israel. Permanent Residence is a character-driven drama about friendship and the meaning of life that has been shot since the beginning of 2008 in Hong Kong, Japan, and Australia. Artwalker Ltd is owned by Australian – Chinese director Scud Cheng who took along famous DP Herman Yau from Hong Kong to turn his vision into reality.

With their choice to shoot at the Dead Sea and Jerusalem, the crew picked two of Israel’s top locations for filmmakers. Alongside the Dead Sea shore, a beautiful tent was built by the Israeli art crew to become the set for one of the major scenes in the script. The other day the crew headed out to the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem to shoot another big scene at one of the world’s most photographed sites.

The Chinese crew and actors from Hong Kong worked alongside the top professional Israeli crew to ensure to bring great footage home to their editors. Biblical Productions, under the management of international producer Sharon Schaveet, had prepared this feature meticulously for weeks, handling the entire pre-production process with the selection of the best locations, hiring crew, equipment and extras, liaising with the art crew and organizing accommodation, transport and catering.

After a few long days of work, it was a successful ‘it’s a wrap’ for the production in Israel and also for the entire film. Post-production begins upon their return to Hong Kong with an expected completion and cinema release date of Permanent Residence at the end of 2008.

For more information on the film, cast & crew, please click here

Wild Dream Films Shoots in Israel for Ancient Discoveries III

At the beginning of April, Wild Dream Films traveled to Israel to shoot parts of the third season of Ancient Discoveries here in Israel. Sharon Schaveet managed the local production part, taking the crew to various locations around Jerusalem, to Jacob’s Ford in the North and to a breathtaking place in the Judean desert. The UK crew brought along well-known slingshot expert Luis Antonio Pons Livermore from Menorca to demonstrate ancient slingshot methods, hitting targets at a distance of up to 180 meters. If you want to see Luis in action, have a look at the photos below and check back on our website for the airing date of this fascinating Ancient Discoveries show.

Working with Illuminations Media from the UK

The UK-based production house Illuminations Media has been working on a fantastic series for SkyArts called The Art of Faith. This series of three films explore the art and architecture of Christianity, Islam and Judaism, seeking to create inter-faith dialogue. It was our utmost pleasure working on such a great production, coordinating the entire shoot from A – Z and shooting at Jerusalem’s most stunning locations, as well as heading down to Masada with one of Israel’s finest archaeological experts.

Short Film for the Jerusalem Academy of Music & Dance

Short Film for the Jerusalem AcademyBiblical Productions is proud to announce the completion of A Place for the Heart, a short film about the celebrated Jerusalem Academy of Music & Dance. The short film introduces the academy to potential new students and their parents, showcasing some of the students’ amazing works and showing the variety of fields that the curriculum holds. It is a special honor that one of Israel’s finest maestros, Mendi Rodan, shares his fond thoughts about the academy. A Place for the Heart is a truly inspirational insight into one of the world’s most celebrated institutions of its kind that has never lost its personal touch and feeling of friendliness among the strong competition. It has been a true privilege to produce this film.

Filming in Israel – International Producer Sharon Schaveet

Sending a crew overseas for a shoot can be a costly matter. The alternative is to have a professional and reliable producer in Israel take the responsibility of delivering precise footage according to your script.

In the last month, international producer Sharon Schaveet has produced two productions for clients in the US and Canada, taking sole responsibility for the entire shoots. Biblical Productions can produce your project in Israel in the most reliable manner, working with high-quality crews and equipment. All tapes and paperwork will be delivered to your office after the shoot. Please contact us for recommendations at:

Filming in Israel for Valerie Lowe – Canadian Government

The production at The Jerusalem Institute for the Blind involved interviews with leading professors about their invention of a virtual mouse, as well as demonstrations and b-roll.

Filming in Israel for Alexander Haig

Multi-Media Productions / 21st Century Health

The second production was shot for Multi-Media Productions in Florida, producing content for 21st Century Health, looking at a groundbreaking new invention in root canal procedure. Two of the most prestigious professors in the field of dental health in Israel, Prof. Oded Nahlieli and Prof. Joshua Mushanov, contributed to the shoot at Barzilai Medical Center in Ashkelon, as well as the CEO of Sialo Technology, Itzik Henig.

Lone Wolf Doc. Group Heads out to Israel

In the last week of February 2008, Biblical Productions had the pleasure of working with the US-based production house ‘Lone Wolf Documentary Group’. They are producing an exciting documentary about the good and the evil, filming at historical locations such as Qumran, Tel Megiddo and Jerusalem. Biblical Productions was responsible for the production services in Israel, including all film permits and finding the right interviewees for this shoot. The documentary will air on the History Channel in July 2008.

April 2007 – Israel Production of The Exodus Case

During the month of April, Biblical Productions provided comprehensive Production Services to U.S.-based, Mahoney Media Group, while they were working on The Exodus Case, a feature-length documentary dealing with new exodus-related archeological finds. Sharon Schaveet produced the filming in Israel, which included reenactments, interviews with prominent Israeli figures such as Deputy Premier Shimon Peres and former Prime Minister and Opposition Leader Benjamin Netanyahu, and filming at various locations around Israel. Upon the film’s release in 2008, Mahoney Media is planning festive screenings around the world accompanied by unique events commemorating the exodus. The festivities in Israel will include a march from Eilat to Jerusalem in honor of the exodus and The Exodus Case.

Biblical Productions Produces Video Clip for Music Artist Nassiri

As part of his world peace tour, fashion mogul turned peace activist, Fred Nassiri landed in Israel to film a video clip to be aired on MTV, with the Production Services of Biblical Productions. After choosing to shoot the clip on top of the Tower of David, producer Sharon Schaveet led biblical Productions Produces Video Clip

crew of top Israeli professionals coming mostly from the world of quality feature films. The large-scale concept of the clip for Nassiri’s debut album, “Love Sees No Color,” is to use 12 locations around the world, including the Great Wall of China, The Statue of Liberty, and the Pyramids. At each site, Nassiri will film with local crews and children singing his peace anthem. The purpose of the video is to spread the message of peace and harmony to the world through the powerful medium of music. Biblical Productions wrapped up the successful Israeli shoot, with the participation of talented children from the charming Hora Efrochim dance troupe and the one-of-a-kind Israeli Palestinian Circus.

Biblical Productions to Release New Film – Israel’s War History

Biblical Productions is proud to announce the release of a new film: Israel’s War History. Up-to-date, informative, and featuring interviews with Israel’s most prominent generals and politicians, the film offers a complete review of the history of Israel and its wars, from the British Mandate in 1917 up to the latest events in Lebanon in 2006.

January 2007

January 2007 – Biblical Productions wrapped up the filming of – Henry Rollins uncut from Tel Aviv, for Swift River Productions, an LA-based production company. Henry Rollins put on three successful shows in Jerusalem and in Tel Aviv. Biblical Productions provided Production Services for the filming of two performances in the Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv, for Henry’s television show on the Independent Film Channel, entitled “The Henry Rollins Show.” After the show we spent time filming Henry in Jerusalem, interacting with locals and seeing the sights. The special from Israel is scheduled to open the new season of Henry’s show, airing in April. Here is the team in Jerusalem.

This is the stage for the show in Tel Aviv designed by Erez Yaniv. It incorporates the phrase “freedom of speech” in Arabic and Hebrew.

Thomas Kinkade in Israel

productions service to Thomas Kinkade’sBiblical Productions has provided productions service to Thomas Kinkade’s new documentary film project on his painting of the Holy Land. What an extraordinary experience Thomas Kinkade chose locations such as the Sea of Galilee, Via Dolorosa, David’s Citadel, the Mount of Olives, the Gethsemane Garden and the Garden Tomb. The film was produced by The Nehemiah Group, Solomon Entertainment Enterprises LLC and 3DH from Atlanta, Georgia. Kinkade and his beautiful wife Nanette visited Israel for a week. The film will be released in a few months.