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Biblical Productions, owned and managed by international producer Sharon Schaveet, is thrilled to announce the completion of yet another distinguished TV project – the Roads Less Travelled by Lonely Planet TV.

This innovative, new adventure series, distributed worldwide by the BBC and National Geographic, will be reaching out to travel-loving audiences around the globe. Lonely Planet TV worked in conjunction with Beach House Pictures from Singapore, sending Australian DP/director Joanne Parker, Singapore-based sound recordist Mel Chiang and fixer Anika Pilnei on a three-week adventure trek through the region’s finest and most challenging locations.

The episode featured experienced travel writer and author Amelia Thomas who sets off to explore the country from the very south to the very north, with plenty of personal encounters of lesser-known communities and ethnic groups along the way. The trip started off with a challenging horse trail in the magnificent Negev desert, before moving up further north to experience Bedouin culture and lifestyle. The Purim festivities in Gush Eziyon were as much part of her schedule as exploring the separation wall, a PA night club and the adrenaline rush of shooting a real M-16.

Along the Dead Sea, through the beautiful old cities of Hebron and Jericho, the crew voyaged on the “roads less traveled”, road testing a new travel itinerary for future travelers in Israel and the PA. From feeding goats to passing a wild camel herd, from a chicken slaughterhouse to stuffed giraffes at the zoo on the road to Nablus – the crew did not shy away from much to deliver unique and engaging content for this travel adventure show. Amelia took of to new heights in the Golan, enjoying the beautiful Sea of Galilee and the mountains from high up above in a paragliding tandem, before completing her journey in one of Israel’s favorite weekend spots in the Galilee.

Throughout this magnificent trip, the crew discovered fantastic local shops, eateries and locations, unique characters and stories, of which some will be making their way into the new Lonely Planet guidebook of Israel & the Palestinian Territories. The revised guidebook is set to be published by the end of the year 2009 close to the airing date of this fun and thrilling new adventure documentary.