Biblical Productions and Chuan Films Present: “Old Cinderella”


We are proud to announce that Biblical Productions was the local production team supporting the crew of one of China’s upcoming talented producers: Lu Chuan.

His insightful films have found new ways for Chinese cinema. He is praised for his daring revisionist but somewhat controversial perspectives, social responsibility and high art level. His films, The Missing Gun (2002), Mountain Patrol (2004), City of Life and Death (2009) and The Last Supper (2012), all have won multiple awards. After his third film, Lu Chuan became the fifth director in china whose film box office has passed the line: a hundred million.

They decided to shoot part of their new blockbuster movie “Old Cinderella” in Tel Aviv-Yafo, Jerusalem and the Dead Sea. The leading actress is Zhang Jingchu, known from the movie Rush Hour 3. Under the guidance of director Wu Bai we had an exciting week, managing a crew of 22 people, very young and ambitious and even doing a scene of El-Al’s airplanes in the Ben-Gurion airport.

Old Cinderella is based on the famous Chinese novel “if you can’t love well”, written by Gao Ya’nan and is a story about a single mother dealing with a divorce, new dreams (being a tour guide – that’s how she ended up in Israel) and new love interests. We are very curious to see the final product and how the story ends!