The Red Heifer: prophecy or reality?

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After working with Bruce Burgess on a story revolving around the Ark of the Covenant, we have another interest in one of the prophecies.

The Canadian production company Norflicks Productions is exploring the theories around the Red Heifer prophecy. The prophecy of the Red Heifer mentioned in the Torah and in both the Old and New Testaments of the Christian Bible is one of the world’s oldest prophecies. The prophecy centers on the sacrifice of a Red Heifer “without blemish” which must be a prelude to the coming of the Messiah, or in the case of Christians, the reappearance of Jesus.

The story enables us to examine the significance of prophecy in religious writing and specifically in the Judeo-Christian tradition.

Biblical Productions was entrusted with the production services in Israel, handled all planning of this shoot, and arranged for permits, accommodation and transportation. We initiated contact and set up interviews with Rabbi Yehuda Glick, the Governor of Jerusalem and other key personalities all over Israel who are seen as experts on this subject.