Film Locations in Israel


Biblical Productions in Jerusalem offers a comprehensive location guide for film producers interested in shooting in Israel. The country has diverse topography with deserts, mountains, lakes, cities, beaches, and flat agricultural land. The company provides advice on permits for locations such as Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, the Sea of Galilee, Air force bases, and the Israeli parliament. They can also assist with equipment repair and rental, negotiating with shops on behalf of the filmmaker. With long experience in film production in Israel and knowledge of the country, Biblical Productions can save filmmakers time and money by guiding them through the process of shooting in the country.

This is addressed to the film producer interested in film locations and a comprehensive location guide Israel.

Without a doubt, Israel is a very small country, but its topography is extremely varied with desert, mountains, lakes, cities, beaches, and flat agricultural land that goes on for miles.

If you choose to shoot in film locations such as Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, the Sea of Galilee, Air force bases, The Israeli parliament (Knesset), etc. we can advise you about permits.

Within easy traveling distance of Jerusalem is the Negev Desert. The Negev Desert is a rocky wasteland of savage natural beauty where the view of Beduin encampments brings to mind Abraham and his flocks. The closest big city is Beer-Sheva.

However, if a filmmaker wished to film in the Negev desert and suddenly discovered that his camera or sound equipment needed to be repaired or that he desperately needed a certain piece of equipment, what would he do?

If you were working with Biblical Productions with its long experience in Film Production in Israel and film locations (since 1993), you could with one phone call be directed to the closest shop where your equipment needs would be taken care of.

Biblical Productions is familiar with all of the Film Equipment repair and rental shops in Israel, knows their prices, and is able to negotiate on your behalf. Let Biblical Productions assist you during your next Film Production in Israel. It will save you time and money.

Send us your choice of film locations and we’ll advise you about their limitations and other considerations.