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One address. Everything production. Production Services in  Israel.

Scores of international production teams arrive in Israel throughout the year to shoot feature films, documentaries, and commercials in the Holy Land. And for good reason. Israel offers spectacular multicolor landscapes within short driving distances, monumental architecture, excellent weather all year round, and various cultures and ancient history.

We provide full-service, end-to-end professional production services in Israel for high-quality feature films, TV series, documentaries, commercials, Christian productions and music clips, on the original film sets, to help foreign crews succeed, with ease.

Filming in Israel – Experts & Interviews

Pre-production – done.

  • If you’ve got a film to make, we’ll do everything (and more) to make sure it runs flawlessly.
  • We’ll scout and secure the best and most fitting locations for your production.
  • Our connections ensure we’ll get you all the permits and security your production needs.
  • We can arrange the very best schedule for your shoot in  Israel, from start to finish.
  • We cover all aspects of the logistics involved in your shoot.
  • We have a respected list of professional, talented and experienced DPs, soundmen, assistant cameramen, gaffers, grips and all technical crews you will need.
  • We will prepare all quotes for the best gear and service in Israel.

Production Services in Israel

Beyond the shoot

Providing successful production services doesn’t end on the last day of the shoot. We’re just getting started. Our professional and reliable production service team will take care of any and all additional arrangements after the shoot, including finding additional archival footage, acquiring additional release forms, sending thank you notes, and more.