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Why Israel ticks every box for your feature film production.

  1. It’s a Unique Location – Israel may be small but it’s packed full of choice filming locations. Where else in the world can you access such a unique array of ancient sites, rugged mountains, lush valleys, barren desserts and bustling Middle Eastern markets? Nowhere but Israel can you capture authentic biblical landscapes just a stone’s throw from bustling urban cities. The diversity of this filming location is what makes it so unique. The terrain is so varied, making Israel an ideal place to shoot scenes from any century or to represent any country or culture. This versatile setting offers you a choice of stunning backdrops for your feature film in Israel. Another advantage is that this vast array of film locations are all crammed into a compact area – nowhere is far to travel but everywhere is worth a visit. Shooting your feature film in Israel provides authentic scenery for historical and biblical scenes. Capture the golden glow of a Jerusalem sunset or the magic of a starry Judean Dessert sky. Every scene of your feature film in Israel will be visually stunning and add a sense of reality and drama to your movie.
  2. Talented Crew, Cast and other Staff – Israel may be a small country but it is blessed with many talented technicians, crew and performing artists. However, when you make a feature film in Israel it is not always easy to find the best people at the cheapest prices. Language and cultural barriers and unfamiliarity with the Israeli film industry make it impossible for you to negotiate as effectively as an Israeli.

Let Biblical Productions produce your feature film in Israel. Tap into our vast experience and get the benefit of our network of local contacts. We can help you find actors, dancers, models, crew, equipment and more.

We understand that you need the best and we know where to find top-quality people. Biblical Productions has experience with feature films, soaps, reality shows and more.

We can find high-caliber staff with the same technical expertise and professionalism that you would expect back home.