Feature Film Production Services in Israel


Biblical Productions is a production services company for feature films located in Jerusalem. With extensive experience in the industry, they can provide pre-production services, scout locations, offer top-class crews and equipment, and manage large-scale operations or small projects. The company can also take care of accommodations, restaurants, travel, and entertainment for your crew. With a deep knowledge of the city, they know the best locations to shoot for the best sunrise, sunset, and nighttime shots in Jerusalem. They can provide sets, costumes, hair stylists, makeup artists, and more for your feature film production. The team’s expertise can guide you through an amazing and challenging region, and they strive to exceed clients’ expectations for their feature film production services in Israel.

Biblical Productions are the number one production services company for feature films in Jerusalem. We are located in Jerusalem and know every corner, every stone and all the hidden treasures of this fascinating and stunning city.

We can deliver great production services in Israel but have a special familiarity with Jerusalem that enables us to provide a service that is a cut above the rest.

Filming in Jerusalem

Biblical Productions provide pre-production services and can assist your production from the beginning through to the end. We can offer input to your script, scout locations, and find you top-class crews and a wide range of equipment, including HD. We are well connected with the local authorities, enjoying warm relations with the police, churches, museums and management teams at all the holy sites. We can take you to unique filming locations in Jerusalem; we know the best Middle Eastern markets, the most beautiful churches, interesting museums, and picturesque streets and can even locate ancient trees and views that transport your viewers back to Biblical times. Once at the desired location, we can advise you on the most effective angles to film from and the best times of day to shoot. We can use our extensive local network to arrange for streets to be closed for your shoot and to obtain the necessary film permits you need.

Our ‘Fixer Israel’ Service

We provide a full fixer in Israel service for a thriller or historical feature films, providing you with the cast, extras, costumes, crew, make-up artists, hair stylists, set designers, special effects and more. We can manage large-scale operations and small projects.

We go the extra mile for every production, paying attention to all those details that add authenticity and impact. If you use our ‘Fixer Israel’ service you will find that we don’t only consider your production but also your crew. We know that a happy crew is a hardworking crew and produces the best results.

We can take care of your accommodation, book restaurants, travel, entertainment and more.

Film Crew and Equipment

We can take care of your travel arrangements, ensuring your crew and equipment all arrive at your filming locations in Israel on time. With Jerusalem being such a busy city, full of one-way systems, narrow streets and prone to congestion and traffic delays.

Biblical Productions can provide you with local drivers who know all the shortcuts. We can use small vans to transport your lighting and equipment as these are better suited to the narrow streets in the Old City.

We are adept at transporting cranes, dollies, cameras and lighting equipment. We even have access to helicopters.

Filming in Jerusalem

Jerusalem is a spectacular location for feature films, providing a wonderful backdrop, full of character and charm. The weather is great for filming and we can advise you about the best shooting locations to capture the sunrise and sunset, for some truly spectacular shots. We can also take you to prime filming locations in Jerusalem for the best nighttime shots. In particular, we can show you our favorite places to shoot the famous Old City panorama. Our in-depth knowledge of the city means that we can recommend the best places to film holy sites from close up or afar. We cater to your every need. We can build sets, rent out houses and look after your crew. On a recent shoot, we even built a temporary café on the Mount of Olives.

Production in Israel

We can offer you the most experienced, skilled producers in Israel as well as top Directors of Photography who have worked all over the world. To get a better feel for the quality of service on offer at Biblical Productions, we invite you to view client recommendation letters. If you are planning to shoot a feature film in Israel, get in touch with Biblical Productions for a trusted and professional production service that never fails to deliver.

Production services in Israel

The Feature Film Production Services team of Biblical Productions has just successfully wrapped the Israeli part of an international feature film production from Hong Kong.

Biblical Productions can offer you the full range of Feature Film Production Services in Israel for your feature film production:

  • Scouting the best locations and arranging permits.
  • Hiring top professional and experienced Israeli crew Hiring the top range of equipment for your shoot.
  • Finding the most devoted and creative Art Crew Hiring extras Handling all logistics Arranging script consultants and researchers if necessary.
  • Making your feature film production in Israel an unforgettable experience.

Biblical Productions Feature Film Production Services in Israel will help you to turn your script vision into reality.

Our superior organization, planning and devotion to your project will make your film a success. Flexibility, a quick reaction and the ability to convert problems into solutions are our strongest assets.

Our expertise from many years of working in the film industry will guide you through an amazing and challenging region. Biblical Productions is your professional and reliable partner in your Feature Film Production in Israel. For more information on Feature Film Production Services in Israel, please contact producer Sharon Schaveet at: sharon@biblicalproductions.com, or on her mobile: +972 (0)52 479 2200.

Why us?

When hiring feature film production services in Israel you need a production company that knows the business inside out and the country from top to bottom.

At Biblical Productions, we have years of experience of working with international crews and understand the complexities of filming in different settings under tight time constraints. That’s why we plan for each shoot so thoroughly and pull together only those casts and crew who offer the same high professional standards as we do.

We offer feature film production services in Israel that ensure your feature film shoot runs on schedule and produces amazing footage.

We Get the Basics and the Specifics Right

In order to produce a high-caliber feature film you need the support of a tight-knit team of film professionals and cutting-edge film equipment.

As an experienced film fixer Biblical Productions can hire a talented local cast and technically adept crew members, find cameras, lenses, lighting and any other equipment you need to hire locally at the best prices, suggest unique, famous or secret film locations in Israel as well as organize the relevant permits, organize the basics: transportation, hotels and catering.

  • Our feature film production services in Israel are comprehensive and responsive.
  • We deal with all your requests with a professional approach and a ‘can do’ attitude.
  • We can find obscure props without breaking into a sweat.
  • We can locate specialist equipment that you did not realize you needed until the last minute.
  • We can find you cast members with the right performance skills, languages and even accents.
  • At Biblical Productions, we understand that the finer details matter. We strive to provide the highest quality standards and have a history of exceeding our client’s expectations for our feature film production services in Israel.

Our Creative Input

One thing that makes Biblical Productions stand out from the crowd is the artistic input we are able to bring to productions. We totally ‘buy in’ to every production we work on and become an integral part of your creative team as part of our feature film production services in Israel.

When we take you to a filming location we don’t just leave you to figure out the best lighting and filming angles. Our expert local knowledge and understanding of the film industry mean that we can point out all those secret places that will give you optimum shots.

We can take you to prime filming positions that capture the essence of each location you visit. We can help you preserve on film the inherent beauty and uniqueness of each setting. Our advice enables you to get memorable shots that will enhance your feature film.

At Biblical Productions, we take the time to understand your needs. We consider your initial story and creative ideas and help to turn them into a vibrant, cinematic happening. By using our feature film production services in Israel you will go home with unforgettable shots that give your film the X factor.