Pre production in Israel

Pre production in Israel


The Essence of a Successful Production is Pre-production

If you’re planning to film in Israel for a few days, it’s highly recommended to have gone through a preproduction process first. Include Biblical Productions at the earliest opportunity so that we can achieve our aim of having everything ready for your arrival, saving valuable and expensive crew time.

Over the years we have developed an excellent system to prepare for your production in Israel before you even arrive. We refer you to our letters of recommendation.

Our exceptional organization is an invaluable asset for planning your shoot and implementing your pre-production plans in Israel.

About Our Experience

Biblical Productions is Israel’s leading production service provider for international crews filming in Israel. We understand that meticulous pre-production is the key to a successful production. We have vast experience in delivering pre-production in Israel and production services for many production companies and networks worldwide – from small documentaries to large documentary series, TVCs, features and soaps. This has enabled us to truly understand what a client needs and to offer maximum production value.

Pre Production Planning

Our first step of pre-production in Israel is to determine the needs of our clients and the scope of the project. We give input on your scripts, source and scout locations and frequently suggest locations off the beaten track for your project. During pre-production, we find interviewees, recruit talent, cast & crew and source the proper equipment for your shoot at the best value for money. As part of pre-production in Israel, Biblical’s office takes care of all items such as your arrival at the airport, accommodation, rental phones, and liaison with security. Many years of pre-production experience have shown that the more you are prepared for the shoot, the better things run on the ground.

Filming in Israel

Israel has an incredible diversity of locations, nature, religions, and history to offer; however, with the many different authorities and tough security comes to a demand for work prior to your shoot. As part of pre-production Biblical Productions will ensure that all necessary permits are in place, security and police are well advised of filming plans and that adequate movement to and from locations is arranged. During pre-production, we hire the most experienced drivers in Israel & Palestine who can navigate around checkpoints and borders and who can offer a selection of different crew and equipment vehicles.

Production Company in Israel

About Biblical Productions’ Service

Biblical Productions’ pre-production and production services have been praised as “second to none” – efficiency, orientation to detail, the ability to multi-task and creativity is what we utilize for the benefit of your production. We turn your project into reality through our on-the-ground know-how, our network and years of pre-production and production experiences.

During all stages of pre-production in Israel, our office serves you around the clock to make sure that you receive updates and answers to your questions all the time. As international producers we know the time zones better than anyone else; we are still online when you get up in LA. Your success is ours, and thus our efforts for providing successful and efficient pre-production lie at the very core of our services.