Renting Costumes for films in Israel


Biblical Productions offers support for organizing costumes in Israel for film productions. Clients can either rent costumes from local companies with experience working on various film projects or transport their own wardrobe to Israel. The company provides support for both options, including putting clients in touch with reputable customs agents and contacts who can ensure the necessary paperwork is in order to reduce delays and minimize checking. According to owner and producer Sharon Schaveet, putting costumes in one container with equipment can save time and money during customs checks. Biblical Productions is available to advise clients throughout the process.

Renting Costumes for films in Israel

There are two choices when organizing the costumes for your feature film in Israel: Rent costumes in Israel or transport your own wardrobe to Israel. At Biblical Productions we offer you support whichever route you choose to take.

Renting Costumes in Israel

Israel has a whole range of costume design and rental agencies. These companies have a history of working with a range of film productions and can recreate clothes from different periods or come up with chic and stylish clothes at the very height of fashion.

Bringing your Wardrobe to Israel

If you make the decision to bring your own wardrobe to your production in Israel, Biblical Productions can still offer support. You will need a customs agent in Israel with international experience and we can put you in touch with reputable firms.

At Biblical Productions, we have contacts who can ensure that you have the correct paperwork that reduces delays and ensures minimal checking.

Sharon Schaveet, owner and producer at Biblical Productions, has the following advice for those bringing their own costumes: “If you want to bring costumes to Israel, make sure you put them all in one carne, along with the equipment. If they come separately – the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor will want to check each item. Getting the documentation right will save time and money. Whatever choice you make, Biblical Productions are there to advise you along the way.”