Filming in Israel – Production Manager in Israel


Biblical Productions is a production management company in Israel, offering local expertise for those who plan to film in the country. With over 20 years of experience, they are well-equipped to offer valuable assistance in the selection of filming locations, cast and crew hiring, research and production input. They help filmmakers to obtain permits in various regions of the country and to navigate local bureaucracy. They provide practical advice, support and guidance throughout the entire production cycle, from pre-production to post-production. The company is headed by Sharon Schaveet, who has a “can do” attitude and ensures every production is treated with the highest standards of service.

Filming in Israel – Production Manager in Israel

If you are due to film in Israel and need local production expertise, Biblical Productions are well placed to be your Production Manager in Israel.
With more than twenty years in the business and a repertoire of international collaborations, Biblical Productions are a ‘safe pair of hands’ for your shoot in Israel. We can offer valuable local expertise in terms of filming locations, crew, cast and equipment hire as well as research and production input.

High Standards and Expertise

As your Production Manager in Israel, Biblical Productions would advise you about filming locations to match your script; taking the time and effort to find the best match possible. This will not only give your film authenticity but enable you to shoot in the most dramatic locations in Israel. We are adept at obtaining film permits all over the country and can help you cut through Israeli bureaucracy. In our role as Production Manager in Israel, we ensure that you have a sound logistical plan that is realistic and takes account of local factors, ensuring your production runs on time and to schedule.

We have the highest standards and treat every production as if it were our own. As your Production Manager in Israel, we pay attention to detail. We can offer you advice on a range of issues; finding a cast with the right looks, languages, and skills; getting crew and equipment to meet the specific needs of your shoot, and even advising on a film set and costume design. We have links to many specialist agencies and companies that are all tried and tested, experienced in working in the film industry, and provide the highest quality of service.

Indispensible and Dedicated

We offer you an experienced production management service in Israel. We follow the cycle of filming from pre-production through to post-production; providing support and guidance throughout. Our back catalog includes feature films, documentaries, music videos, commercials and TV shows. We are more than your fixer in Israel, we offer a full and professional service, providing practical advice and quickly becoming an indispensable part of your team. Biblical Productions is headed by Sharon Schaveet. As your Production Manager in Israel, she applies her ‘can do’ attitude to your production; helping you to solve day-to-day problems with creativity and flair.

With input from Biblical Productions, we can ensure you return home with the footage you are proud of.