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Biblical Productions work to the highest standards using top-quality crews and state-of-the-art equipment.
We often film in places that are small or inaccessible, necessitating special cameras and equipment. Here are two excellent camera control systems that we could use for your production in Israel.


The Polecam is a fishing rod with a camera. It can be positioned in narrow crevices or held above its subjects. It achieves the same quality shots as cranes but its compact size and light weight mean that it can reach all those places that cranes are unable to. The Polecam gives great results; high-quality pictures from great angles that capture the heart of the action.

We have used these when shooting in caves, churches, mosques, underground and other locations that are too small or inaccessible for standard cameras. Although 6 meters in length, the whole camera can be carried in two boxes. In terms of flexibility, this versatile camera has a 360° pan tilt that holds a small cell phone-sized HD camera with 3ccd and prime lens. It can be mounted on a standard camera tripod to achieve soft, sweeping movements.

The camera also works without a tripod and can be mounted on a special strap-on vest. It can be used standalone or in multi-cam and has its own CCU to achieve a sure match. The Polecam gives real production value, producing great results every time. We can hire one for you to achieve the most creative of shots, in the most challenging of locations.

Crane Control System

The Crane Control System has a jib that can be built from 1.5 meters through to 8.5 meters. The arm sits on a tripod-mounted to a dolly for easy movement. The remote head tilts up or down and the arm can be mounted on a panther dolly for track shots. Biblical Productions has many contacts in the industry and can help you rent cranes in Israel.

This camera gets extra special results at music concerts, in churches, and for gatherings and conventions. It has a 360° pan/tilt head and includes zoom control, focus control and motor, iris control and motor plus camera run.

Biblical Productions can advise you on the range of specialist production equipment available to support your film. For advice on renting cranes in Israel, as well as other technical equipment, liaise with our knowledgeable product