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We are experts in filming biblical archeology in Israel.

At Biblical Productions, we have a wealth of expertise in filming feature films, biblical re-enactments, travelogues and documentaries located in biblical settings. Your production could use the remains of ancient buildings or restored churches and synagogues as backdrops for authentic scenes that your viewers will never forget.

Unique film Locations

The worn, weathered stonework and dramatic appeal of such sites make them a prime locations for filming in Israel. The treasures unearthed by biblical archeology.

An Insight into Biblical Times

Biblical archeology brings the Bible to life. Archeological digs have unearthed the remains of whole communities but also include smaller, personal artifacts in their finds. Ancient Bible scrolls, pottery and jewelry have all been discovered at biblical archeology digs and provide an insight into the daily lives and religious observance of ancient communities.

Local Knowledge

At Biblical Productions, we can draw your attention to the most suitable locations and props for your production in Israel. Our connection with a range of local museums and institutions means that we are up to date with all the latest biblical archeology finds. We have a great knowledge of many ideal filming locations that showcase some of the most amazing biblical finds from archeological digs.

Not only can we take you to these locations but we can advise you about any special equipment you may need, secure filming permits for you and provide an excellent fixer in Israel service that will cater to your every need.

Biblical Archeology Experts

Filming biblical archeology is not just about the visuals though. At Biblical Productions, we can find you a range of experts and presenters who can discuss biblical archeology with an informed, respected voice. Our connection to archeologists, theologists and other experts will give your film production added dimension and academic weight.

At Biblical Productions, we know the most dynamic specialists who can really bring the past to life and offer an informed voice that adds interest and integrity to your production.