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Israel is a truly unique country, with much to offer companies filming commercials.

Israel is a small country with an extremely varied topography, offering many types of locations for your commercial shoot. Biblical Productions, your Production Company in Israel, can organize Filming Commercials in Israel for your company. We are closely acquainted with the country and can advise you in choosing the ideal location for filming the commercial in Israel. In addition, we can scout for you and send you photographs of each location.

After the location is chosen, Biblical Productions can hire professional and experienced crews, rent top-of-the-line equipment and make all the scheduling and logistical arrangements, to make sure that while filming a commercial in Israel everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

Filming Commercials in Israel involves a great deal of planning and knowledge of the Israeli production world. With years of experience in the field, Biblical Productions is your ideal address to coordinate Filming Commercials in Israel. Top crews, including award-winning directors of photography, will make your commercial in Israel a successful experience.

Deserts, mountains, oceans, and varied scenery in a relatively small country, can be the solution for your location search. We can do the casting for you for actors when filming your commercial in Israel, and any services related to your production.