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The modern nation of Israel is a kaleidoscope of the Jewish people, and Biblical Productions has archival footage of all the traditions and lifestyles that are practiced here.

If you are interested in an archival film on the Ultra-Orthodox Haredi community with their long black coats, fur hats, and distinctive style of prayer in their synagogues, Biblical Productions can provide it. We also have footage of worship at the Wailing Wall that is so much a part of the Haredi lifestyle, or the streets, playgrounds and schools of the Meah Shearim neighborhood in Jerusalem where so many Haradim still live.

You should, however, be aware that you might encounter hostility in an Haradi neighborhood if you bring a camera.

For this reason, we suggest you let Biblical Productions provide you with a respected community member as an escort. In this way, you’ll be able to concentrate on your film project without interference and achieve the results you had hoped for.

All the Jewish communities in Israel, including the Jews from Ethiopia, celebrate their own festivals that are occasions to display and enjoy the clothes, music and food that are so much a part of their heritage. These festivals are to be found in the Biblical Productions’ Jewish archival footage.