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Looking to capture the unique beauty of Israel through still photography? Consider the service offered by Biblical Productions, which boasts knowledgeable photographers with an eye for the extraordinary lighting conditions found in various locations throughout the country. From archeology digs to modern life in Tel Aviv, their coverage includes major landmarks like Jerusalem and the Sea of Galilee. And if you’re interested in fashion photography, you’ll want to check out the work of Miri Davidovitz, a local photographer whose style blends tradition with cutting-edge trends. With over 20 years of experience, Davidovitz has worked with many leading names in Israeli fashion and advertising.

Still photography of locations in Israel refers to the photographic opportunities that are only available at locations in Israel.

The still photography of locations in Israel service offers many layers of landscape, people, and events in the region. It is suggested that you consider hiring Biblical Productions’ still photography in locations in Israel service to add to your collection of images of Israel.

  • All professional photographers working in the still photography of locations in Israel service have an in-depth knowledge of the extraordinary lighting conditions of each location. You can also hire them through our website at a daily rate.
  • If you send us a list of still photography of locations in Israel, we will gladly send you a price offer.
  • Still photography of locations in Israel covers locations all over the country from archeology digs to major locations such as Nazareth, Jerusalem, the Sea of Galilee, Masada, the Walling Wall and the City of David.
  • Modern life on Tel Aviv streets and beaches is also part of the coverage. Additionally, we can send suggestions according to your subjects and script.

Still photography of locations in Israel – Fashion

Biblical Productions works with Still Photographer Miri Davidovitz. Miri Davidovitz was born in Europe and grew up in Tel Aviv. She studied in Jerusalem and London, and then came back to open her studio in Tel Aviv.

The cultural diversity of these places is expressed in her work. She is local and global, at the same time. She is known for mixing traditions with cutting-edge trends. She started her career with various magazines, with an emphasis on fashion and portraiture and then moved into advertising.

In the 20+ years since she started, she has worked with most of the leading names in Israeli fashion and advertising.

Her clients include Yael Orgad, Comme il faut, Elopak, Yes to Carrots, Maoz, Evolence, Onot, Shufersal, Haaretz -Shamenet, and many more. Her work is described as fantasy meets hard-core reality.

She lives in Tel- Aviv with her husband, two daughters and cat, and her studio is located in Jaffa. She recently exhibited at the Engel Gallery in Tel Aviv and her work has been displayed in numerous exhibitions at the Israel museum in Jerusalem.