Still Photography in Jerusalem

Still Photography in Jerusalem


Biblical Productions offers still photography services in Jerusalem, capturing the city’s unforgettable views and religious sites that have inspired millions around the world. The Old City boasts a diverse range of religious groups, with each group’s food, clothing, and customs adding to its unique ambiance. Walking the historic cobblestone streets and visiting churches, monasteries, the Jewish Wailing Wall, and the Aksa Mosque can be an overwhelming experience. With a daily rate, Biblical Productions can arrange a photographer to capture exceptional images of the locations you specify, whether in modern or old Jerusalem, at any time of day or year, regardless of the weather.

Still Photography in Jerusalem

Filming in the Holy Land - My Journey

Jerusalem has unforgettable views and religious sites that continue to inspire millions of people from around the world. Biblical Productions’Still photography in Jerusalem is able to capture them all.

There is a multitude of religious groups in Jerusalem’s Old City: Christian, Jewish, Moslem and Armenian. The smells and colors of the food and clothing of the different ethnic groups may be the first things one notices, but certainly not the last.

There is no way to explain the flooding of emotions a person feels as he or she walks over the cobblestones that have witnessed so much history. The quiet beauty of the churches and monasteries and the profound spirituality of the Jewish Wailing Wall and the Aksa Mosque with its golden dome is unforgettable.

  • Biblical Productions can arrange to hire a photographer for you at a daily rate to obtain the exceptional images you need for your project.
  • All the Still photography in Jerusalem service requires is the list of locations you wish to photograph for your project in either Modern or Old Jerusalem.
  • Whether the photography is to be at sunrise or at night or on a holy day, or in inclement weather and in any season, our Still photography in Jerusalem can send you the stills that are relevant to your project.