Filming in Jerusalem


Biblical Productions offers its consultancy services and professional film crew for filming in Jerusalem. With over 20 years of experience in filming in Jerusalem, they can arrange necessary permissions and provide local professional crews. They also have extensive knowledge of unique and secret spots around the city to capture breathtaking shots of historical ruins, underground tunnels, colorful markets, religious sites, and extraordinary scenery. They assure 100% success for any project, from small to large productions. Biblical Productions is the most reliable and experienced contact for filming in Jerusalem, and their satisfied clients’ recommendation letters speak for their quality services.

Biblical Productions is the ideal address for all aspects of filming in Jerusalem.

Professionalism, knowledge and experience exemplify our work. When planning your filming in Jerusalem, please Contact Us and we can advise you on any topic necessary.

Our consultancy services are based on over twenty years of filming in Jerusalem. Our goal for your project – from the smallest to largest production – is 100% success. We commit to delivering the best services for your Film Production in Jerusalem. Contact our offices and let us know what permissions you will need for filming in Jerusalem and we will arrange the permissions for you.

If you need to shoot with a crew in Jerusalem, we can provide you with local professional crews.

Biblical Productions is the most reliable and experienced contact for filming in Jerusalem. Over the years, we have assisted many crews from around the world during their filming in Jerusalem. To read what our clients have to say, please go to our recommendation letters.

Jerusalem, a truly unique place to film, provides you with interesting shots 24 hours a day.

Let us take you to the secret spots around the city that only people who have extensive experience filming in Jerusalem know about. We can guide you to filming in Jerusalem in the east and in the west sides of the city. We can also advise you where exactly to film in Jerusalem, whether you are looking for a breathtaking sunrise shot on the Mount of Olives or a rooftop view with all of Jerusalem at its doorstep.

In our opinion, Jerusalem is the most fascinating place to film in Israel. Thousands of years of history are easily accessible in Jerusalem. Underground tunnels and caves, colorful markets, archeological ruins, churches, synagogues, mosques, the Valley of the Prophets, and extraordinary scenery, all await you when you film in Jerusalem.

Filming in Jerusalem is an experience you will never forget – let Biblical Productions make sure it is a successful experience.