Film Production Israel


Biblical Productions is a professional film production company in Jerusalem that has been providing facilities and services to film companies since 1993. They offer services such as professional film crews, research services, award-winning directors, and editors, and can help with navigating customs, obtaining filming permits, and complying with security regulations in Israel. They have extensive knowledge of the landscape, customs, regulations, and people that make decisions in the area, which gives them an advantage in completing a film production in Israel on time and within budget. Owner Sharon Schaveet is an experienced producer who ensures that every day working with Biblical Productions is a valuable and successful experience for their clients.

Since 1993 Biblical Productions in Jerusalem has been offering its facilities and services to film companies wishing to film in Israel.

If you need a professional film crew,  research services, award-winning directors and editors, they are available through Biblical Productions. We at Biblical productions are willing to help you every step of the way to meet the challenges involved in Film Production Israel, be it customs at the airport, permissions for filming, and regulations regarding security.

Our knowledge of the landscape, customs and regulations, and the people who make the decisions in our area will give you a positive advantage in completing your Film Production in Israel on time and within budget. We are very happy to be your studio away from home to keep your production experience of producing a film in Israel as successful as you have planned.

The owner of Biblical Productions, Sharon Schaveet, an internationally-known producer with a great deal of experience in Film in Israel, will make sure that you and your associates will value every day you have worked with us during your Film Production in Israel.

You will find that investment in Biblical Production Services has been money well spent. You’ll see that the savings in time you will gain by letting Biblical Productions carry out negotiations for you will permit you to show even greater creativity while producing your Film in Israel.