Film Jerusalem


Biblical Productions is a production company located in Jerusalem with extensive experience in production services for documentaries, feature films, corporate films, and docu-reality. Jerusalem is a city full of diversity and history, and the company shows it to their clients from many different angles. They believe that having a local fixer or coordinator when filming in Jerusalem is essential for getting the best shots of the city. The company has excellent relationships with all Christian authorities and permit offices necessary for filming in Jerusalem. Biblical Productions can guide a crew to film in Jerusalem cost-efficiently, avoiding common traps for foreigners and non-locals, making the filming experience enjoyable and successful.

Biblical Productions is a local production company situated in Jerusalem with many years of experience in the field of production services for feature films, documentaries, doco-reality, and corporate films.

Jerusalem is a magical and diverse city and when we film Jerusalem with and for our clients, we make sure to show them Jerusalem from many different angles.

Jerusalem has an astonishing array of historical and archaeological sides, churches and biblical locations, ancient cemeteries and charming alleys to offer. When you film Jerusalem, it is crucial to have someone local at your side who can guide you to the locations that you really need for your production.

To get really great shots when you film Jerusalem, a local fixer or coordinator is just the right person to lead you to a beautiful sunrise and sunset shots of Jerusalem.

Do you need to film Jerusalem and the Western Wall in warm, soft afternoon sunlight with plenty of religious people praying? Your local fixer will know when to film Jerusalem at the best hours to get the footage you need.

Jerusalem is home to different people from around the globe, and their different clothing, gestures and food stalls make filming in Jerusalem a real highlight. When you film in Jerusalem, you must film at the Shuk Mahane Yehuda, which many consider the best in the country. The different colors and smells, varying religious clothes and traditional outfits make it a visual feast, a true requisite for anyone to film Jerusalem.

Biblical Productions is in long-standing excellent working relations with all the Christian authorities and permit offices that are crucial when you film Jerusalem. As your local coordinator we can lead your crew to film Jerusalem cost-efficiently and with good time management, while knowing how to avoid the common traps for foreigners and non-locals and making your film Jerusalem an enjoyable and successful experience.