Locations in Israel

Locations in Israel Mount Karkom

Mount Karkom is shrouded in mystery and intrigue. It is a breathtaking and spiritual place that was used for worship thousands of years ago. Recent research has concluded that it may even be the biblical Mount Sinai, adding an historical dimension to its aura.

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Filming Biblical Locations

Sharon Schaveet, producer and expert in production in Israel, “It is our pleasure to recommend to you a list of film locations in Israel.

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Filming in the Mea She’arim Neighborhood Jerusalem

When you enter the Mea She’arim (One Hundred Gates) neighborhood, just a five-minute walk from Jerusalem’s city center, you might feel as though you have been catapulted to a different era.

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Filming in Solomon Pools

Tucked away near the Arab town of al-Khader, about 20 minutes from Jerusalem, is a little-known treasure that would make an excellent film location in Israel.

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Filming in Nablus

Nablus is an ancient city which is located just 42 kilometers from Tel Aviv. It has many historic remains within the vicinity and also displays interesting, local architecture and an authentic Middle Eastern atmosphere and the best market to film.

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Filming in Safed (Tsfat) Israel

Nestling in the lush mountains of the Upper Gallilee and basking in the cool, fresh mountain air is the charming city of Safed.

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Filming Markets in Israel

Israel’s markets share a glimpse of everyday life as it’s been lived for generations. Although the commercial nature of some markets mean that they have changed over time, in particular to meet the needs of tourists; there are still markets to be found which have retained their original character over the passage of time.

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Filming Abraham and Old Treatment Footage

As part of our service we provide a range of stories and ideas. Below we give you the story of Abraham and some filming and location tips.

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Filming in Caesarea

When looking for good locations to film in Israel, Caesarea is a place worth a visit.

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Filming Jesus Era House in Nazareth

Just days before Christmas 2009, archeologists discovered the remains of a residential building dating back to the time of Jesus

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Filming in the Church of Holy Sepulcher

The Church of the Holy Sepulcher is the holiest Christian site in the world. It is claimed that the building is located over the site where Jesus was crucified (Golgotha)

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Filming UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Israel

At a ceremony held at Avdat on March 12, 2007, several Israeli sites were added to UNESCO’s World Heritage list. The organization’s list contains around 830 sites around the world that have “outstanding value to humanity

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