Director Editor in Israel

Since 1986, Nissim Mossek has been the Director/Editor for Biblical Productions. 
During his long and extremely fruitful career, Nissim directed and/or produced the many documentaries listed below:



  • Have you Heard about the Panther?
  • Who is Mordechai Vanunu?
  • Adolph Eichmann: the Secret Memoirs
  • Two-hour special: 50 Years to Israel
  • Neighbors or Foes
  • Life in the Moslem-Jewish streets of East Jerusalem
  • The Dead Sea Scrolls
  • Documentary on the mysteries surrounding the Dead Sea Scrolls, created for the Israel Antiquities Authority and presented at a special exhibition at the Vatican. (30 min.)
  • Mona Lisa of the Galilee
  • Menachem Begin to Conquer the Mountain or Die
Nissim has received the following awards and scrolls for his work as Director/Editor:
Institute of Culture and Art for Films - "Did You Hear of the Black Panthers, Mr. Moshe?"
Institute for Encouraging Israeli Film, "What a Crazy Motherland," Apple Award. 
New York - "The Enigma of the Dead Sea Scrolls."
Stockholm Film Festival, "To Conquer the Mountain or Die - The Life of Menachem Begin."
Haifa Film Festival, "Have you Heard about the Panther?" - Best Director Award
"Shalom Abu Bassem?" Best editor Award

Nissim Mossek, known in Israel as a Director/Editor with a social conscience, won the Landau Award as the Best Director of 2004 for documentary film. As a Director/Editor Nissim continues exploring controversial subjects.

Director Editor in Israel
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