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Biblical Productions - Devoted to the Community
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Biblical Productions is your number one choice for production services in Israel. Professionalism, efficiency and dedication lie at the core of our work. In short - we deliver.

We guide you during your shoot in Israel from pre-production planning to post-production wrap. Our team arranges professional crews, fixers, location permits, HD equipment rental, interviews and more.

Our thorough planning and excellent organization often saves foreign production companies valuable time and money, ensuring their production runs smoothly from beginning to end.

Clients have praised our services as “second to none”, knowing that we will go the extra mile.

Biblical Production covers all formats - documentary productions, feature films, TVCs, Christian productions, adventure & travel programs, wildlife shows, and image films. Our company also boasts a large collection of high-quality archival footage, making it your one-stop address for all your production service needs in Israel. View letters of recommendation from our satisfied clients here.

Biblical Productions focuses on the following formats: feature films, TVCs, reality, adventure & travel programs, TV series & documentary production.

Please contact us at: | Tel.: 972-52-4792200

In September Jerusalem was getting ready to welcome Brazilian pop icon Roberto Carlos, a successful Grammy Award-winning singer and composer, also known as “the King”. In the ‘50s, he was one of the leading men of the Brazilian rock’n roll scene, moved towards romantic ballads in the 70s, and was selling more albums than the Beatles in the 90s! With over 40 albums in the same amount of years, Roberto Carlos is enjoying international fame and recognition... read more Roberto Carlos celebrates his 70th
Biblical Productions
Roberto Carlos celebrates his 70th birthday in Jerusalem!
One of Holland's most popular channels, EO, has proven that Christian content and entertainment are indeed compatible. By inventing a new reality TV format called "The Pilgrims' Code", they showed their sense for innovation and adventure by sending ten Dutch celebrity contestants on an ancient pilgrims' route from Turkey via Syria to the Holy Land. Along the way, the contestants had to decipher ancient codes, put their historical and Christian knowledge to the test and meet cultural challenges of all kinds... read more Biblical Israel
Biblical Productions
"The Pilgrims' Code"
Letters of Recommendation
Biblical Productions Films Telenovela with TV Globo from Brazil
When Brazilian director Jayme Monjardim and his key personnel arrived in Jerusalem

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Productions services in Israel
"Your work has made the show a thousand times stronger."
Avigail Schotz, Cities of the Underworld, History Channel USA

We have extensive experience in providing productions services in Israel for major international networks and leading production companies.
Our superior organization and planning make your production a success.
We are experts on filmmaking in Israel, we can tell you everything there is to know about locations, crews, equipment, permits and much more.
Filming in Israel - FAQ
We have selected some important
questions and answers from our
many years of experience in the
production field. Click here
to find out more and write to us
for any further inquiries -
we will be happy to answer.
Our Services
Productions services in Israel is our expertise.
Biblical Productions guides your
production in Israel from the pre-production status to the wrap dinner, always making sure to add that extra bit of effort which makes your
shoot in Israel an unforgettable experience. Our flexibility and expertise are your assets.
in February 2009 to scout locations for their upcoming...
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Biblical Productions
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Biblical Productions
The Dead Sea Scrolls
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Biblical Productions
Tel Megiddo
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Pictures from Productions
Telenovela with TV Globo from Brazil
Biblical Productions
Telenovela with TV Globo from Brazil
Close up of an African Leopard in Israel
Biblical Productions
Leopards in Israel for Animal Planet
Biblical Productions films with world renowned Globe Trekker TV
Biblical Productions with world renowned Globe Trekker TV
Jesus trial with NZ Producer Director Bryan Bruce
Biblical Productions
investigates the Jesus trial with NZ Producer Director Bryan Bruce

De Beers Commercial for diamonds  
Actress Zhang Jingchu, who starred in the Chinese production “Old Cinderella”, our previous  project, wat so impressed with what Israel has to offer, that she  recommended to De Beers to shoot their upcoming commercial in Israel. The crew, originally from Taiwan,  had a very original approach and working with Director Chihpo Wang was  an amazing experience,  on set as well as off set. A truly talented and charismatic character.
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De Beers Commercial for diamonds
Biblical Productions - Cult side on the Eastern side of the mountain
Biblical Productions discovers the best locations in Israel  
Biblical Productions and international producer Sharon Schaveet are always on the lookout for new and exciting filming locations. This time, Mount Karkom was calling – an impressive mountain in the South on the border to Sinai where researchers have found intriguing material suggesting it could be the real Mountain of God. To read more about this undiscovered filming location,
click here
Production Services in Israel
Biblical Productions - Cult side on the Eastern side of the mountain
Production Services in Israel  
Biblical Productions has been a successful provider of production services in Israel for more than a decade. Clients who seek our productions services in Israel come from leading TV networks and independent production companies from around the world. As part of our production services in Israel we have
completed projects such as feature films, documentaries, image films, short films and TV commercials and biblical Israel. We have a strong basis for historical, archaeological, and biblical Israel documentaries and our production services in Israel have produced documentary series for the Discovery Channel, History Channel, and National Geographic. For more details Click here
Production Services in Israel
Biblical Productions
Production Services in Israel
Production Services in Jordan  
After many years of advancing our production services for filming in Israel, Biblical Productions is happy to now offer Production Services in Jordan for our clients. Enjoy the beauty of the Jordanian landscape and film at such breathtaking sites as Petra and Wadi Rum, while our fixer guides your crew with full competency and regional knowledge to the best locations in the area. Please click here to read more about our Production Services in Jordan. Production Services in Jordan
Biblical Productions
Production Services in Jordan
Production Services in Egypt  
Biblical Productions is always thriving for excellence and it is our goal to continuously advance and expand our production services. Thus we are thrilled to announce that we are now also offering Production Services in Egypt in addition to our long standing Production Services in Israel and the recently added Production Services in Jordan. Please click here to read more. Filming at the Pyramids in Egypt
Biblical Productions
Filming at the Pyramids in Egypt
Filming in Israel – Experts & Interviews  
As a popular destination for film crews from around the world, Israel is famous for a vast number of experts on any kind of academic field thinkable; We can work with you to find experts from all over the world to contribute to your next project and we can liaise with them about script and research questions until the actual day of shooting. Click here for more information.

Filming in Israel – Experts & Interviews
Biblical Productions
Filming with Gaby Barkay

Archaeological Excavations in Israel
For production companies interested in filming or participating in an excavation in Israel, please follow this link:
Filming the Jesus Trail  

Do you need film footage that takes your viewers on their own personal pilgrimage to Israel? Let Biblical Productions help you to bring ancient biblical settings to life by following in the footsteps of Jesus on the Jesus Trail. This unique hiking trail was co-founded in 2007 by Maoz Inon and Dave Landis and has since drawn the attention of people from around the world. It is a fabulous opportunity for film crews to share authentic locations with their viewers and to capture the diverse beauty of the Holy Land. For more details Click here

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